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Entering An Escape Room With Only 2 Players

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Escape Rooms are generally designed for groups ranging from 2 to 8 individual players. Escape Rooms have never been designed for single players such as many other forms of entertainment today.

One of the many benefits of playing an escape room is that they help bond individuals together. This can be a large group of up to 8 individuals that work together or are teammates in an organized, structured team environment. Also, they can help the bonding of 2 individuals that work together, play together, or socialize together.

Why 2-Person Escape Rooms?

More and more Escape Rooms are adapting their rooms to accommodate groups of 2 individuals. This type of game is becoming more and more popular every day. But why?

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One of the best things about Escape Rooms that have become so popular is that they take you away from everyday life and immerse you in an exciting and rewarding reality. When considering groups of 2 players, this can become even more intense than with larger groups as you need to be more active. You can no longer count on someone else to work on a puzzle while you stand by and watch.

This can be a very good way for avid escape room players to increase their challenge level. Many times in larger groups, you don’t get to see or experience all of the puzzles and their solutions. You could actually replay an escape room you have done before with a larger group and encounter many new challenges.

Improved-bonding is another strong plus from 2-player escape rooms. In a more personal setting, you will quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of your partner. You will see how patient someone can be, how quickly frustrated someone can become. You will have to work together if you want to be successful at the game. There is no one else there but the two of you!

Difficulties of Navigating an Escape Room With 2 Players

Of course, booking an Escape Room with 2 players does have its challenges. For starters, not all Escape Rooms are designed for 2 players to work through. 

Another challenge could be the cost of 2 players to play an Escape Room. Some companies can charge 2 players up to the same amount as 4 players would normally pay. It generally costs the same for the Escape Room operator to provide an escape game for 2 players as it does for 8 players. For economic reasons, SOME operators discourage 2 player groups.

Because of both of theses reasons, there are generally fewer choices of rooms for 2 player groups. Groups of 2 will generally run out of choices in a location much sooner than larger groups will. This can and does result n groups of 2 replaying rooms they have done before. What they generally do in these cases is try to beat their previous time and this hence becomes their new challenge.

Of course, it can also become much more difficult for 2 individuals to solve a puzzle than say a group of 5 or 6. This is because larger groups have more individuals with different past experiences to draw upon for ideas and techniques.

Tips For 2 Player Groups

Now that you know some of the reasons the escape room with 2 players has become so popular and you understand some of the difficulties 2 person groups face, let us discover now how you can make the best out of your 2-person Escape Room experience.

First of all, ensure to arrive a bit early. This will allow you to get into the place you need to be. Immersed and relaxed. Not rushed.

During the rules and intro be sure to listen intently and ask questions whenever possible if you don’t understand something. The fewer people listening to something, the more likely it is to miss something important.

When starting into the game, be sure to look at absolutely everything. Something you may think is insignificant could potentially be very important later on in the game. With Escape Rooms, you never know.

Take advantage of your game master’s generosity. The game master’s job is to ensure that you have the most fun and rewarding experience possible. Many times the game master will try to help you a little bit even when you don’t ask for a hint. This can happen more often with groups of 2 if they see you getting frustrated. Listen or read carefully to what you see or hear.

Be careful not to be too proud to ask for a hint when you get stumped. In fact, ask for as many hints as you need even if it disqualifies you from the leaderboard. Not many groups of 2 have completed a room with the very best time. Have fun.

In Conclusion

Choosing to play your escape room with only 2 people has some other advantages than playing with larger groups of people doesn’t have.

It is a lot easier to organize a group of 2 than it is to organize a larger group. Anyone who has tried to organize larger events knows this is true.

Grab your partner and try an Escape Room soon at Locksmith Escape Games.

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