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Are Puzzles and Escape Rooms Good For The Brain?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Puzzles, escape room games, trivia, sudoku, and brainteasers are all activities that can be helpful in maintaining brain stimulation. Keeping engaged with one’s surroundings as well as exercising the brain daily are vital to keeping the brain young, concentrated, and focused. Those games aren’t just for kids nowadays!

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Mood Improvement

While it’s sometimes easy to become overly conscious of what is good and bad for us, physically, one must not overlook the positive effects of a good time! By releasing dopamine during your participation in an escape room, the brain is improving short-term memory and concentration. All this improves mood and makes a person feel good. So puzzles and escape games can have a beneficial effect on emotional health as well!

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Exercising the Brain

The brain may not be an actual “muscle”, but it is an organ and organs benefit from extensive use. Using the brain being good for the brain should be a — no-brainer and research seems to support it. Solving puzzles and beating escape rooms can strengthen connections between brain cells, increasing mental speed. Puzzle rooms can also change thinking, by forcing someone to think outside of the box. 

Long-Term Brain Health

Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have been observed to hold off cell damage to their brains by participating in tasks that increase brain activity. This includes escape rooms or puzzles. In fact, there seems to even be a correlation between developing Alzheimer’s and years spent solving puzzles. Using your brain not only strengthens cells but encourages the growth of new ones.

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Improve Memory

Thus far, you’ve heard us make the reference “exercise the brain”. When you are solving puzzles (like escape rooms), you are also reinforcing current connections between our brain cells, also known as neurons. This means that you are ultimately enhancing the speed of our thought processes. More specifically, puzzles help improve your short-term memory. So, if you can’t remember what you had for lunch yesterday, a puzzle can help with that!

Attention to Detail

When solving puzzles or navigating an escape room, it is key to pay attention to each and every detail. You need to train your mind to remember the smallest of details in order to succeed. The ability to capture small details can help you in most aspects of life, especially at work. Naturally, escape rooms help you be more detailed and precise, making the quality of your work improve.

In conclusion

Mental puzzles are not only good for the brain, they are also great opportunities to bond with family and friends! Go ahead and book an escape room at Locksmith Escape Games, where you can get your fix of weekend fun while exercising your mind! Book your escape room today!

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