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8 Strategies To Help You Win Your Next Escape Room

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Escape rooms, while fun, can be challenging! With a recipe of the right people, any escape room experience promises to be fun for your entire group! That being said, your competitive nature will most likely not allow you to walk away from this experience without a ‘W’, so in this article we will examine some of the helpful tactics that you can use on your way to achieving victory at your escape room.

1. Pick your dream team

If you want to take home the gold, you’re going to need to bring together your closest covenant of mega-minds. Call some of your friends that specialize in problem solving, math, puzzles, games, etc. If there’s a friend you have that spends your time together spouting out useless knowledge or over-analyzing everything, this may be their time to shine! Once you’ve established your super team, you’re ready to make your booking.

2. Relax 

This suggestion goes without saying, but above all else: ENJOY YOURSELF! Your escape will be as good as impossible if frustration overtakes the fun. Escape rooms are about solving problems, one by one. If you happen to get stuck on a problem, stop and take a deep breath. Carefully analyze each clue and examine it for what it is. If cooler heads prevail, you and your team will coast to victory.

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3. Watch the clock

An hour can expire quickly in an escape room. For this reason, it’s important that you and your group make the most of your time. If your party is large enough, break off into smaller groups when able. If you feel that you’re taking too long on a particular portion of the puzzle, move on to something easier to bide yourself some more time to possible get different eyeballs on what it is that you are struggling with.

4. Stay consistent

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you maintain your same energy throughout your escape room experience. Sometimes, participants can find themselves mentally drained when allowing themselves to become distracted or not maximize their time properly. 

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5. Communication is the key

It doesn’t matter if your name is Michael Jordan. Your escape room will not be won on an individual effort and the communication that you have with your teammates will prove key during your game. Listen carefully to ideas or knowledge that your group may have and encourage that everyone do the same. Spout out any idea that may cross your mind, as you never know what may prove useful or relevant as time ticks down.

6. There’s No “I” In Team

Let us first start by saying that there is a need for leadership, as well as a time and a place to know when to be a leader. While it’s not uncommon for someone that considers themselves a pretty good problem solver to take the wheel in an escape room situation, it’s important to note that you not overtake the room. This can make for frustrating conditions on your fellow escapees, as well as result in missed opportunities for help if your team does not feel comfortable to speak their mind!

7. Save your clues

Keep as photographic a memory as possible when it comes to remembering clues. Items that you may encounter earlier in your game will more than likely prove useful as various points, so be on your toes! Florida has some of the craftiest escape room engineers in the business, so be prepared to walk into your escape room ready to observe your surroundings from the very start.

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8. Have fun

Ultimately, the end-all goal should be to have a good time. Escape rooms are designed to challenge you, twist your mind, and bring warmth and memories with people that you care about. Follow these tips and you just might stand a chance of not only winning your escape room, but having an outstanding time while doing it.

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