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6 Ways That Your Local Escape Room Can Prove Useful For Team Building

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Whether your staff is new or has been working together for many years, team building is a popular way of rallying the troops, while encouraging fun in the workplace. If you’re planning a team-building outing and are unsure of where to start, your local escape room may hold all of the answers that you’re looking for!

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Escape Rooms Help To Establish Strengths & Weaknesses

One of the most valuable characteristics that an escape room can divulge are the strengths and weaknesses of both your team, as well as it’s personalities. After all, the last thing that you would want to see is Nelson from accounting crashing and burning during  the big meeting because you weren’t aware that he stinks at orchestrating a meeting. A team building outing allows each member of your team to showcase their individual strengths and use them in a more relaxing atmosphere. Team building, while mostly fun, can also allow you to discover which members of your staff are more difficult to work with than others. Escape rooms are great for corporate events because they get everyone on the team working towards a common goal.

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Win as a team, lose as a team

One of the greatest things about escape rooms is that, for all intents and purposes, there is no clear-cut “Winner” or “loser”. While there are instances where you can race another group of hopeful escapees, the object of an escape room is simple: Escape with your group before time expires. A race against ‘The Clock’, not each other.

It’s this exact characteristic that makes escape rooms perfect for this type of outing. More often than not, the averagely-witty team will complete their mission in the allotted time, but when time does happen to expire, you can expect stories to be shared during next weeks morning water-cooler congregation!

Build trust within your team through Escape Rooms

As we’ve already mentioned previously, escape rooms are a TEAM game. As such, your team will be put in compromising positions that require them to put their trust in another member of their team’s capabilities. This is something that your staff may be accustomed to already, so it never hurts to mix it up it a little bit if you’re planning to designate teams!

This can also be a great opportunity to encourage members of your team that are normally more reserved to take on a leadership role in a fun environment. The object is always to have fun, but it never hurts to discover new characteristics about your team that will allow you to put more trust in them.

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Your co-workers may be more enjoyable than you think

Have you ever been at a work-related function and seen someone that you wouldn’t normally expect just absolutely letting lose and having a good time? 

While certain personalities may initially clash in the workplace, a friendly environment can bring out the best in most people. This holds true, especially when games are involved! Take your staff to an escape room and witness the formation of unlikely partnerships, as fun challenges bring your team closer together!

In Conclusion

The point: The office can be a stuffy environment. All of the team building positives aside, it’s great to host your coworkers for some fun away from the normal day-to-day. Most companies view their employees as a form of family, and at it’s very definition, escape rooms are an activity that the entire family can enjoy.

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