Meet the Locksmith's Apprentices - Michael Malstrom

Updated: May 15, 2021

Each week we will take the opportunity to spotlight one of our amazing Game Masters so you can get to know our team!

Meet Michael

1. What Is Favorite Room And Why?

My Favorite Room is Curse of the Evil Genie because it is not only the most challenging room but it requires a lot of critical thinking due to the many logic based puzzles the room has to offer.

2. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Locksmith?

I really enjoy seeing creativity and wisdom thriving in an entertainment environment.

3. What Is Your Most Memorable Guest Interaction?

Any time first time escape room players unlock their first puzzle; it really gets them jazzed up for the rest of the room.

4. What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Being A Locksmith?

Beyond being a locksmith I spend most of my time practicing my entertainment skills such as music, art, stunts, dance, and magic. I also really enjoy learning new languages, anime and Sushi. I also own a band outside of work called Mermaid Dreams Music or MDM for short.

5. Do You Have Any Special Talent’s You Would Like To Share?

I’m really good at Piano and character impressions, plus I enjoy dabbling in mind reading.

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