Meet the Locksmith's Apprentices - Brandon Parrish

Updated: May 15, 2021

Each week we will take the opportunity to spotlight one of our amazing Game Masters so you can get to know our team!

Meet Brandon

1. What Is Favorite Room And Why?

My Favorite Room is What Happened in Raven Woods because of the way it takes you through a thrilling story with the added dynamic of exploring in the dark.

2. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Locksmith?

I really enjoy watching players come to that “AHA” moment as they work their way through the puzzles.

3. What Is Your Most Memorable Guest Interaction?

One time there was a family that was playing Curse of the Evil Genie and about halfway through one of the sons was getting frustrated that he hadn’t found any clues or solved any puzzles. A moment later he solved one of the trickiest puzzles in the room. The way family cheered him and encouraged him was very heartwarming.

4. What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Being A Locksmith?

Outside of being a Locksmith I spend time being a DM (Dungeon Master) for Dungeon and Dragons.

5. Do You Have Any Special Talent’s You Would Like To Share?

I am pretty good at mimicking accents.

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