Meet the Locksmith's Apprentice - Maria Hwang

Updated: May 15, 2021

Each week we will take the opportunity to spotlight one of our amazing Game Masters so you can get to know our team!

Meet Maria

1. What Is Favorite Room And Why?

My Favorite Room is Rescue From Voodoo Island because I had a hand in its creation; I helped design and paint areas of the room.

2. What Do You Enjoy Most About Being A Locksmith?

I love the part I play in the players immersion and making them feel a sense of accomplishment whether they escape or not because I believe the experience itself is what matters most.

3. What Is Your Most Memorable Guest Interaction?

All of my guest interactions are memorable as I value every single one of the players that come through our doors.

4. What Are Your Hobbies Outside Of Being A Locksmith?

I love art! Anything from painting to sketching to digital art.

5. Do You Have Any Special Talent’s You Would Like To Share?

I’ve always considered are my special talent as I’ve always been proud of anything I make.

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