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Updated: May 15, 2021

Remember on our first post we mentioned we were approached by two escape room owners with the idea of opening a location inside the Seminole Towne Center? We had originally considered partnering with a wonderful company called Mindquest Orlando. As a family business, we were putting a lot of ourselves into this project and our vision did not align with theirs. We began to consider that we may want to start our own company, under our own name and identity. We had a pleasant conversation with the Mindquest team, and they agreed that starting fresh was the best route for both parties, so we split ways.

This was a difficult time because, even though the split was amicable, we were suddenly in need of coming up with a name and brand for ourselves. We were also in need of games! Since Mindquest was an established company, we were going to go through them to acquire escape rooms at cost. Now, we were suddenly in need to buy games through a third party, because there was not enough time to design and build our own and open in Spring 2019. I (Iris) was 7 months pregnant at the time. It became clear that Amir and I could not do this alone. That is when my, not so little sister, Stephany Cerella-Nazari, joined us in this endeavor. She resigned from her 9 to 5, and jumped right into collaborating with us to bring the best escape room experiences to our audience. 

Our parents always encouraged us to work towards owning our own business and given the circumstances, there was nobody I trusted more to handle things while I was gone, than Stephany. 

Here’s a fun fact about us. Our maiden name is Cerella. We married two brothers, so even after marriage we still share a last name! More on that at a later post, for now, I will focus on keeping my promise of sharing the business aspect of our journey. 

Now that we had the green light to proceed with our own branding, the fun began! We jumped into an endless list of potential names. Once we picked one we liked, we met with an amazing designer named JoLynna Kohler. You can find her contact information below:

JoLynna Kohler

Instagram: @justbeingjo_


JoLynna offered wonderful guidance. She helped us think about our brand in a new light, she helped us understand the little details that often go unnoticed, yet make all the difference. 

In two weeks, we were finally equipped with a new name and logo. Locksmith Escape Games was born. 

From a business perspective we needed a name that allowed us to fulfill the vision we have for our store. We want a fully immersive experience, from the moment you walk into our lobby, to the moment you walk out. We envisioned the character of “the locksmith” as a key-maker opening doors to thrilling adventures. 

One of the biggest questions was, should we go with “Escape Games” or “Escape Rooms”? "Escape Rooms” is googled more often, but our location is inside a mall. We wanted it to be clear to anyone passing by, that we were a place for games and entertainment, rather than a furniture store. In the end we went with “Escape Games” and we’ll be trying to increase our SEO by adding “escape room” and other highly searched key terms in our website’s copy. 

So there you have it!

This is another example of how business owners are just trying to figure everything out as they go. We have planned, and tried to anticipate possible bumps on this road, but the truth is, there is always a surprise waiting around the corner. As long as we stay positive, work hard and remember why we are doing this, we will continue to push forward. 

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