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Updated: May 15, 2021

It is common to hear that a career in writing, music, art or game design will likely lead to failure. As a society, we consider traditional career paths to be a safe choice and a likely route to success. But what would our life be like without entertainment? There would be no TV shows to come to at the end of a busy day or music to listen to on our commutes. Forget about the weekend movie dates or most dates for that matter - no culinary arts, laser tags or our beloved escape rooms.

While we often take them for granted, entertainment has brought us together as a society for centuries. Everything from cave paintings to urban legends or that beautiful family heirloom that has been passed on from parent to child. They tell the story of the past and they help mold who we are and where are going.

The truth is that entertainment provides us with outlets to our daily lives and routines; a way for our brain to relax. And yes, it is hard and scary to go into the entertainment field. It is a tough industry to be successful in but the process and the journey make it worth it. It is because of the dreamers, the artists and the creators that we have books, apps, theater and everything in between.

Entertainment matters because it teaches young and old to think outside the box, to dream bigger dreams and to explore outside of the “safe” route. It evolves as we evolve as a society and it expresses what we are living. More importantly, it helps us share the worlds that lived only in our imagination - worlds that can be so magical that they impact a whole generation.

So hear is to all of us, those who take the leap to create comic books, universes and immersive worlds in any way we can. We see you and we thank you for your hard work into making this world a little less rigid and a whole lot more creative. Don’t give up, we believe in you.

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